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May 24, 2021
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Lysing Small Cells

Hi Lab Guy, I am inquiring about the ProCulture® Cordless Homogenizer Unit for Micro-Tube Homogenizer System. Is this unit capable of lysing cells? Even smaller cell types such as sperm cells? Thanks
May 10, 2021
11656 0000 beauty 52


Dear Lab Guy, I was looking at the SP Bel-Art Reagent/Acid Pump Dispenser and found it lists the compatible bottle interfaces as GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400. I'm not familiar with these labels and I'm hoping to use it on a GL45 compatible bottle. Will this work for me?
April 26, 2021
Image: sp bel art lab companion clear polycarbonate round style vacuum desiccator; 6 liter 42400 2021

Vacuum Gauging Desiccators

Hi Lab Guy, I need to do infiltration of plant tissues with a solution containing bacteria. The literature suggests to expose plant tissue to a low vacuum of around 80.000 Pascal/24 inches Hg. To perform this experimental step, I am looking for a desiccator. The major difficulty I have is that those desiccators come without the vacuum gauge. I have been searching for the proper gauge and how to connect it to the tubing between the desiccator and the pump and got lost. Could you please recommend: 1) The proper and reasonably priced vacuum gauge and tubing connectors that can be used effectively with F42010-0000 or F41099-0000 desiccators, to estimate the lower pressure in a range 50.000- 101.325 pascals 2) Proper connectors and vacuum tubing
April 12, 2021
Image: DURAC Specific Gravity / Relative Density (g/cm3) & Baume Plain Form Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST


Dear Lab Guy, I got this Baume hydrometer (Thomas Scientific art. no 6025f91 SP Bel-Art's sku B61806-0500) and I am wondering if I can use it at high temp like 70®C, I would like to use it in my chocolate making but don't want to break it.
April 5, 2021
autoradiography pens with clip 13351 0000 54


Dear Lab Guy, I tried using your Autoradiography pens on X-Ray film, but I can barely see it when I’m writing it down. Is this normal?